Hosting vs. Hosts Smackdown

Looking for a new host or having a problem with your current hosting provider?

There are so many hosting companies out there it’s not worth the worry.

Tell us about your good and bad experiences.



2 Responses to Hosting vs. Hosts Smackdown

  1. Jack Kennard says:

    I’ve only had a few problems with a hand full of hosting companies, and I think it boils down to age of the server. Both problems were on servers over 2.5+ years old and by updating or changing servers fixed the problems.

    It looks like the new wp 2.9 will require MySQL 4.1.2 .
    Call you host now and make sure you’re ready.

    I like their cPanel, very easy to get around, setting up ftp connections or database.

    Lots of services for emailing and marketing. Very easy to set up a database (and the only host I’ve seen that requires an address for the Host).
    Great cPanel like Hostgator. Did a great job configuring (by special request) the server for a WordPress-mu.

    Someone asked me to help with loading wp and found the hosting pages and setup to be a little dated. Tech support was helpful up to a point.

  2. Beverly says:

    Hostgator: good, no problems. Cpanel is good.

    1 & 1: Very good, very good technical support, if you don’t mind talking with people with an accent from SE Asia, which I don’t, especially because the tech support is so good. Very good FTPing options.

    GoDaddy: Ehhh, don’t really care for them, tech support is kind of lousy, and they seem more interested in selling my clients junk they don’t need.

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